Serious love

We’re getting some serious love from our fans. Check out their praise and adoration:

“I want to have a bad back just like Jessie. She’s so cool!”
– Tammi Tinsinsen

“Matt is so radical. He loves to sleep a lot. He’s basically my hero.” – Pettigrew Smithfield

“Jessie is so hot because she loves to eat food. She’s always hungry! I want to marry her!” – Jart Flodgins

“Once I met Matt and Jessie after a show and they were really sweaty and messy and tired and I though to myself ‘These two are, like, so stylish! And they smell! The way REAL PEOPLE SMELL!!!’ I offered to buy them drinks but they just wanted to go home and watch netflix. Seriously, they shred so hard!” – Mary Wiggenstens

“I’m just as obsessed (if not more) with Comfort Slacks as they are with cats. That’s saying a lot.” – Mark Merryweather

“I love them! Matt and Jessie ARE the comfort zone.” – Francis Grey Billiams

“They are such party animals! Once, they drank a lot of alcohol and went home to sleep it off. Those crazy kids!” – Stewart Dinkims

“Once I smoked some weed with them and they started talking about how much they love Doctor Who. I just love Comfort Slacks so much!” – Joshua Jones

“I think they’re really important. I love how Jessie cooks dinner just about every night. I bet that saves them a lot of money. I wonder what they do for dinner when they go on tour though.” – Dave Perkins

“I worry about the way they writhe all over the place when they play. Won’t their clothes get dirty from crawling all over the ground? I’ll do their laundry for them whenever, though, because they need clean clothing! Plus I’ll get to look at what kind of underwear each of them wears. Suck it, haters!” – Joseph Tucker

“I want to know what kind of vitamins Comfort Slacks takes because I want to be just like Comfort Slacks!” – Matt Damon