Biscuit Face EP Official Release

Mark your calendars for March 12th, 2013!!! And keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got lots of shows in the works for the coming year, babes. You’re all babes. Hot babes. We, on the other hand, are hot dogs. Hot dogs.EJ8A0211comfort slacks   photo by Melissa Dale, (C) 2013



We are offering a free download of our Biscuit Face demo this week only (expires Monday January 28th). Find the free download here and share it with your friends! To make sure you get it for free simply add $0 in the price field and choose the desired sound file (AAC, WAV., MP3, etc). This is a limited time offer as we are preparing to release the official Biscuit Face EP and the Biscuit video very soon. Get the free download now so you can learn all our lyrics to sing along with us at our Whole Foods Market Napa show on Saturday the 26th, 2013!

We will see you there!


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