Comfort Slacks is Jessie and Matt Fagan.

Founded in 2009, Comfort Slacks plays electronic pop music.

Comfort Slacks fell out of a rocket ship, hit their heads and started making music.

Comfort Slacks wants you to kick off your shoes and put on your DANCE BELTS! Comfort Slacks wants you to have fun. Comfort Slacks believes live shows are all about letting go and forgetting your troubles. Comfort Slacks wants to create a safe, fun environment where people can have fun safely. Comfort Slacks loves you.  !

Ok, here’s the real story:

Jessie and Matt met in 2004 and fell in crazy crazy love. Jessie moved from Switzerland to Jersey City to be with Matt soon after. They got married in 2006 and moved to Napa in 2008. Because they moved they had no friends. And not having friends can make you very sad and depressed. Making music, however, is a great way to process that sadness and depression as well as open doors to making friends. So Comfort Slacks was born in May of 2009 after having talked about forming a band for several years.

Matt played in several bands throughout his teen and adult years in New Jersey. Jessie, however, was never in a band before Comfort Slacks. She took piano lessons as a young child but at that age the penny had yet to drop. But she always had ideas about making music which intensified upon meeting Matt.

Comfort Slacks started in the backyard on a warm Sunday afternoon with an electric piano and an acoustic guitar and the rest is history.

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