Shows! Shows! Shows!

Hey lovers, we’ve got three shows in a row this week starting tomorrow night at the Arlene Francis in Santa Rosa, followed by Friday night at the Townhouse in Vallejo and Saturday night at Sugar Mountain in Oakland. We wanna see your butts there, shakin’ their things.


Donald Trump is in mortal danger!!!

News Alert! It turns out that Donald Trump’s baffling hairdo may in fact be the wily moth caterpillar known to most scientists and law enforcement agencies as Megalopyge opercularis. Some of the symptoms produced by its many venomous, hair weave-like bristles include swelling, blisters, numbness and difficulty breathing, which would explain Trump’s inflated head and ego, his apparent numbness to reality and his dangerously high levels of internal hot air.

If you see this poor victim, please do not try to engage him in a rational discussion of ANYTHING, as his brain is likely covered with illogical rash tissue!

Many thanks to I fucking love science and The Scientist on Facebook, as well as Trump’s biological watchdog group Dampening Intellectual Cortical Knowledge for warning us of this diabolical international threat.