Thank you everyone!

Today was a total blast! We had such a great time playing our music for Whole Foods’ 5th Anniversary event. Thank you to Whole Foods, Michelle Dickey, Jimmy DiMarcellis, Masa Tsuyuki, David Hopp and everyone who took photos and video!!!! and everyone who came out to see us. You guys are SUPAH DUPAH!!!! And we <3 you!!!!


Prepare yourselves!

In anticipation of our show next Saturday at Whole Foods Market Napa (January 26th, noon) and our official release of our Biscuit Face EP (date pending) we are offering the Biscuit Face Demo for free! This free download will be available until our show next Saturday. Don’t be the only one of your friends who doesn’t own this rare piece! Tell everyone so we can all sing along together at the show!!!

**this photo was made for us by the amazing Kristin Farr! She designed our Biscuit Face cover, too! You absolutely MUST check her out.Diamond Mouth