Napa Earthquake

Dear fans,
First we would like to offer our love and condolences to the people who’ve been devastated by the Napa earthquake. We sincerely hope everyone is ok and can get back on their feet as quickly as possible. It is heartbreaking to see¬†downtown Napa looking like a war zone with some of the oldest, most beautiful buildings sustaining massive structural damage. We hope that these historic sites can be restored to their original glory.
We also want you to know that the storage unit where we kept some furniture as well as all of Jessie’s equipment (MicroKorg, EMX, P.A.) plus Matt’s amp and the custom casings they are housed in has been red-tagged, meaning that we are unable to access it until the City of Napa along with engineers can asses the damage and take the necessary steps to stabilize it. This might take them a while, with the damage caused all over town. Unfortunately we will be unable to play shows for a while. We are very sad about this, but we are lucky that no one in our family (including all pets) were injured. However, we’re already working out new ways to tear it up with new instrumentation. The quake was terrifying for us, waking us up immediately. Our worst nightmare about living in California came true with each violent jolt and each dizzying jello roll. We hope you are all safe. Thank you for all your love and support. <3
(See the photos below to see the damage to the storage unit. Pretty crazy, wouldn’t you agree?)

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1